Tell City Chair Company
Tell City Chair Company started making furniture in November of 1865. A handful of Swiss and German artisans who traveled down the Ohio by paddleboat founded TCCC. When it first started making furniture, it was known as Chair Makers Union. In 1924, they adopted the Tell City Chair Company name. At their peak production, Tell City Chair Company employed more than 1000 employees in four factories. Quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of this excellent company. Among the items from the Earthjunk's furniture inventory, Tell City Chair Company Andover finished pieces are the most in demand.

Antique furniture can add more personality and texture to a room. Even if the design of the space is contemporary, well-made furniture from the former American companies provides character to any living space. Vintage high-end furniture pieces help add contrast to bring new light to the newer items.  

You can also think of your antique furniture as an investment. Discontinued furniture increases value over time, especially if you practice careful maintenance. Prices of high-end furniture brands remain stable despite fluctuations in the economy. Thus, it is advisable to invest in brand name old growth wood furniture. Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture are two companies that produced quality furniture throughout the years. Their furniture has become collector’s items and is always in demand.

Largest & Best Used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company Furniture Dealer

Vintage furniture is the best way to decorate your home, and this is the reason for the high demand for antique furniture.
A single unique piece can transform a room. If you are searching for one, then check out Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture. Earthjunk sells furniture made in the United States constructed to last a lifetime.  
Earthjunk provides a wide variety of furniture styles to meet all design needs. 
Earthjunk specializes in two brands of furniture, Ethan Allen, and Tell City Chair Company.  These companies become famous for the durability of their high-quality furniture. Earthjunk's  Ethan Allen, Tell City,  L. Hitchcock, Pennsylvania House and more brand name furniture inventory maintains the excellent structural condition as if they have just left the factory. 


Ethan Allen
 Ethan Allen is an American furniture chain founded in 1932. It is still operational today and has stores across the US, Canada, and the UK. In 1939, Ethan Allen sold its first furniture on the market, the same year it adopted the name, Ethan Allen. Since then, Ethan Allen became famous for its superior quality and high sense of style.
 When looking for gently used Ethan Allen furniture,  check out the vintage old growth wood furniture Earthjunk stocks. Earthjunk has a broad range of Ethan Allen furniture.  Furthermore, you can tell whether the furniture is an authentic Ethan Allen piece by the stamp found on it. The name also determines the period that the furniture came. Factory marks include Baumritter Corporation, Ethan Allen, Ethan Allen Industries, Ethan Allen Inc. and Ethan Allen Interiors.
The largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company store, Earthjunk, offers wood furniture inventory in its original condition. Earthjunk discloses if the Ethan Allen furniture is refurbished, Earthjunk discloses that fact to the customer.  Earthjunk does not use airbrushed generic photos on a white background. Earthjunk shows the cosmetic condition with excellent pictures.

Why Buy from Earthjunk Furniture?


When buying pre-loved items from the online Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture store, you are doing your part in saving the planet. No new resources are used, and no waste is being sent to the landfill. You get a good piece that you can use for a long time without the environmental costs. 

Items from the Earthjunk largest & gently used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture store are more durable than brand new furniture. They also convey a lot of character to the room. And best of all, they never go out of style. They elicit a sense of nostalgia and also remind people of the good old days. Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture has several items that were loved by their previousowners and waiting for you to love them as well. 


When you buy from the Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture store, youknow that you are getting a safe item. New furniture tends to be full of formaldehyde, flame retardants and other chemicals. These harmful chemicals can be emitted as volatile organic compounds into the air. 


When looking at the things on the Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture store, you might not find the item that you are looking for a right away. It takes quite longer time and effort to look for the right one. Some searches might last a long time to find the right piece. The anticipation and the feeling of finally finding the item you are looking for makes antique furniture shopping worth the energy. You’ll end up with something more special than an impulse buy from a furniture warehouse offering fast growth wood with no strength or grain.


When looking at the Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture inventory, you will notice items with cosmetic wear. These imperfections add more character to the furniture. You can’t expect wooden household items to be free from any defects. However,Earthjunk has one simple rule. We do not sell any items we would not use in our own home.


Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair co. furniture changes regularly with new stock. It is wise to check the website frequently in order to find good buys before they disappear. You can also inquire about all the new stock that has arrived and is not yet online. Due to our renovation schedule, only a fourth of Earthjunk inventory is online.

Earthjunk largest & best used Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture has a wide range of investment grade American made used furniture. We ensure that all the items are authentic and in good condition. We always provide superb packaging, so your new gently used furniture arrives safely. Contact us today to purchase vintage Ethan Allen and Tell City Chair Company furniture.

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