Think about your health and your environment. Then add your grandchildren's world into the equation.

It’s time to put a big resounding “NO” to buying new furniture that will, in a few years, end up in the landfills.
Instead, go green buy used furniture that lasts forever by purchasing from Earthjunk.
If you call or email Earthjunk directly, without the middleman costs, you are saving some money plus caring for the environment.
 Earthjunk has all green living furniture in-store for you. 

Why go green and buy used furniture from Earthjunk?
The importance of buying green living furniture is about caring for the environment and buying furniture that stands the test of time.
Go green buy used furniture that is of high quality to prevent the carbon emissions. Used and recycled furniture is less toxic and fewer carbon emissions. It is carbon efficient. This used furniture is of high quality and most likely made years ago. In consideration of the preceding; you reduce toxic chemicals by buying recycled furniture instead of new furniture.
 American brand name furniture is one of the hottest collectibles in green living. Irrespective of high prices charged for American brand name, it is in high demand because of its enduring quality. Consequently, high-quality furniture is not found in landfills. As a result, American brand name furniture is carbon efficient rather than the new furniture of inferior quality causing more emissions. Earthjunk endeavors to rid the earth all junk furniture by offering green living quality furniture. Go green buy gently used furniture at Earthjunk.

Go green buy used furniture from Earthjunk

If you have considered improving your home with some furniture, then go green buy gently used Ethan Allen and Tell City furniture to uphold the Nebraska rural values of an eco-friendly environment.

We sometimes opt for cheap imported furniture with the mindset that we are saving.  Other times, we opt for new furniture made in America.   The new American furniture is expensive, so we assume it is high quality. However, in both examples, the new furniture is produced from fast growth wood that is then quickly cured. Most new lumber break and cracks. Regardless of production origin, all new furniture will eventually need to be replaced.  The more you use new furniture, the faster replacement occurs. Using wood of inferior quality prompts another furniture purchase when the item falls apart.

All new furniture is sold to maximize future sales and cut production time. Most new designs are simple in nature for one man production without investing in modern manufacturing equipment that increases the durability and strength of the item. Look for established famous brand names that use state of the art machinery plus hours of hand labor. Mass marketed American furniture based on stereotypical assumptions of the religious order does not automatically produce furniture that is durable. A two-year curing time is utterly inadequate. The bottom line, new growth wood is inherently different than old growth wood. All fast growth wood furniture does not last long, and like all junk, it ends up in landfills. Then you buy yet more new furniture for replacement. The endless ongoing purchases continue your entire lifetime. If everyone continues buying furniture that ends up in landfills, what happens to our environment?

If you care about your environment and want lifelong budget savings, then go green buy used furniture made to last forever from Earthjunk.

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