We have a large fenced shaded area at 201 S. Highway 183 for furry friends that travel along to Sargent, Nebraska to pick up furniture.

Earthjunk customers are the best!  Each passing year brings a deeper appreciation of the pleasant associations & loyal friendships acquired in the course of business.

We look forward to serving customers from all over the USA in friendly small town Sargent!

Where is EARTHJUNK located ?

Earthjunk headquarters are in Sargent, Nebraska 68874.

We have over 30,000 Sq. Ft. designated for the online offerings.

The first furniture Gallery, Carriage House, is located at 201 S Highway 183 Sargent, Nebraska is OPEN. Buyers call 402-350-6740 or 303-907-0793 to schedule their personal appointment.

We organize collections into separate showrooms featuring designer wallpaper hand picked to accent the wood & style. Having one level shopping/loading for EARTHJUNK customers is the priority!

We have an additional EARTHJUNK furniture location in Denver, Colorado 80204

We are non-smokers. All EARTHJUNK locations are non-smoking. On rare occasion, we accept a piece of furniture with a smoke odor due to its limited production. We disclose the smell in the auction description & reduce the amount accordingly.

We love & live with dogs. We are in the depressing stage of thinning, balding, & losing hair. There is always the possibility stray hair - be it human or dog could arrive.

The former Sargent nursing home  is Earthjunk's  "Carriage House".

Renovation began in March of 2010 immediately after purchase. 2010 ended with 26 Customer Galleries completed.  Currently Carriage House has 33 Gallery Showrooms.

Each Gallery features a separate Ethan Allen or Tell City collection. The Galleries are designed to give customers an idea how that particular collection would look in a real home. Solid wood furniture with a glowing patina, the finest fabrics and custom wallpaper create interior visions  in an authentic home setting. Ladies bring along books and sewing so they can thoroughly test out chairs for comfort. Carriage House is a full service retail store featuring brand name solid wood furniture.

We look forward to your visit .


                                                           John and Cindee Haddix   

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Carriage House

By Appointment 

List of Earthjunk Galleries - Wall Covering - Collection - Wood

1. Shumacher Historical Landmarks with Lifesized Ethan Allen Statue - Have your picture taken!
2. Lee Jofa Green Robinson Crusoe Toile - Earthjunk Office with Ethan Allen Country Colors - Maple Wood
3. Thibaut Alabaster Memoire & Fragonard with Chateau Normandy - Pine. Customer Living Room with Children's Books and TV
4. Thibaut Soprano with Ethan Allen Country French & Legacy- Birch
5. Thibaut Coral Memoire & Fragonard Ethan Allen Georgian Court & Canova - Cherry Dining Room Gallery
6. Parker Knoll Botanical with Ethan Allen American Dimensions - Maple
7. Lee Jofa Mauve Four Seasons Toile with Ethan Allen 236 Country French Bedroom - Birch
8. Shand Kydd Metallic with Bisque Country French - Birch
9. English Rose with Tell City Bedroom - Hard Rock Maple
10. Colonial Williamsburg Potpourri with Ethan Allen Classic Manor Dining Room - Birch/Maple
11. Royal Minton Dresden Plate with Tell City Dining Room - Oak & Maple
12. Williamsburg Tavern Check with Ethan Allen Old Tavern Office Custom Room Plan - Pine
13. Lee Jofa La Chasse a Jouy Toile with Ethan Allen Old Tavern Bedroom - Pine
14. Schumacher Gold Eagle Stripe Tell City Dining Room - Hard Rock Maple
15. Schumacher Red Eagle Stripe with Old Tavern Dining Room - Pine
16. Thibaut Jacobean Floral with Ethan Allen Royal Charter Dining Room - Oak
17. Christopher Moore Boucher Stripe with Ethan Allen Library Wall Units
18. Lee Jofa Scarlet Robinson Crusoe Toile with Legacy / Country French Dining Room - Birch
19. Parker Knoll Chartreuse Bunnies, Bears & Bugs with Ethan Allen Heirloom Custom Room Plan - Maple
20. Smithsonian Museum Cooper Hewitt Historical Ribbon Stripe with Circa 1776 - Maple
21. Thomas Strahan Aviary Stripe with Ethan Allen Heirloom Dining Room - Maple
22. Sunworthy Colonial Quilt with Tell City Dining Room - Hard Rock Maple
23. Lee Jofa Pillement Chinoiserie with Misc. Brand Names
24. Imperial Victorian with Georgian Court Cherry Bedroom
25. Shumacher Floral Bouquet with Tell City Bedroom Suite- Oak
26. Waterhouse Wall Hanging Chatham Lace with Ethan Allen Heiroom Maple
27.North & South Hallways Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Museum Issued Wallpaper
Lighting is from the imploded Aladdin in Las Vegas Nevada.
Earthjunk's Hallway Lighting was in the Aladdin when Elvis Presley married Priscilla.
28. Waterhouse Broad Meadows Wall Hangings with Ethan Allen Circa 1776 Bedroom
29. Waterhouse Quincy Lace Wall Hangings With Ethan Allen Georgian Court Living Room Gallery - Solid Cherry
30. Customer Wi Fi Access with Alabaster White Custom Room Plan - Maple
31. Pine CRP in USE Gallery Scotty Dog Collection
32. Maple CRP in USE Gallery Owner's Man Cave
33. Summerhill Amethyst Floral Tell City Bedroom - Hard Rock Maple with tribute in loving memory of Anabel Lee Ferguson.

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365 days a year

Always Open !!!

Buy Direct
John 402-350-6740
Cindee 303-907-0793
  1. Public Restroom

  2. Wi Fi
  3. Customer Living Room with NFL Sunday Ticket
  4. Customer Pick Up Anytime
  5. Fenced Shady Yard for Dogs
  6. Children's Books & Toys
  7. One level loading
  8. Handicapped Accessible



How to Find Earthjunk's Carriage House 

2 Blocks South of Main Street

West Side of HWY 183
 First Building East of Swimming Pool

Brick Building with White Shutters

Similiar to  the 1970's Ethan Allen Carriage House

201 South US  HWY 183  Sargent, Nebraska 68874

Earthjunk at Carriage House


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