Earthjunk thanks our Grandparents for their valuable lessons

Elsie was a collector her whole life. Cindee learned the beauty of antiques in her formative years. 1184 miles away, John’s Grandmother Myrtle was taking him to West Virginia glass factories. When John and Cindee were small children, accompanying Grandma, the stores seemed huge oasis filled with treasures. The shelves were so high that they towered up endlessly. The toys gleamed brightly, winking and pleading “Pick me!” Our eyes shined with anticipation of what one item we might have the privilege of taking home. Grandpa and Grandma were generous with us! We wanted to be pirates and capture all the goodies. The joy we felt then is the joy we want our customers to feel when they walk inside the LC Abbott Antique Emporium. Small wonder that Cindee returned to teaching Emotionally Disturbed Children to purchase all the massive general store oak fixtures from the Saint Paul Hardware Store. We did not have enough Oak from Hibbard & Co Dept. Store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Eight foot towering oak identical from our childhood was removed from both St Paul, Nebraska and Colorado Springs, Colorado.Come experience the joy!

EarthJunk has a HUGE inventory of antiques and collectibles!

Earthjunk emptied countless homes, garages and entire estates in the metro Denver area & in Nebraska over the decades. It may be years before Earthjunk’s inventory is exhausted. We have boxes of unknown treasures that have been stored for years. A valued Burwell Butter Factory customer is waiting for the vintage leather working tools to be unpacked. Alas, that box has not yet surfaced. We were not planning on leaving Burwell, but Sargent presented irresistible opportunities. The move 22 miles west was time spent moving boxes, enormous store fixtures & large inventory . We had to start renovation efforts again to provide our loyal customer the unique shopping setting they expect when they visit us. Earthjunk is committed to offering an authentic environment for the period for that building. The Burwell Butter Factory was the perfect setting for an Antique Store. In Sargent, we have several locations under renovation to replace what was special about the Burwell Butter Factory.

EarthJunk renovates the 1909 Abbott Building.

Historic renovations well done with a keen sense for authenticity are a forever gift to the future citizens of Sargent. 
The concept of leaving the town where your life began a better place is the inspiring thought behind all efforts made for Sargent.
 Antiques - the perfect companion for high end furniture

LC Abbott Antique Emporium                                                                             413 Main St Sargent Ne.

Abbott Hardware is now LC Abbott Antiques

In 1909, the Willard and Forrest Abbott families moved to their new store location at 413 Main Street. One century later, John and Cindee Haddix purchased the empty historic Abbott building. Although Cindee’s Abbott ancestors are not related to the original Abbotts, acquiring this building with the respected Abbott name on the front was an essential acquisition. Cindee’s paternal Grandmother was Elsie Abbott of nearby Loup County. In 1928 Elsie Abbott used her name to form the first initials of her son’s name – LC, i.e. Lyle Charles. The name LC Abbott Antique Emporium honors Elsie Abbott Harden and her son Lyle Charles Harden

First  Floor Front 2/3rd  Renovation Completed. First Floor  Back 1/3rd under renovation summer 2014


WANTED:  Vintage Elevator Expert


Wanted: photos of interior

 4 Generations of shopping in Sargent

 Great Grandfather George Abbott shopped at the Abbott building. His daughter Elsie Abbott and her husband Bill Harden needed the practical inventory available in  Abbott.  Elsie and Bill's son L.C ( Charlie) and his wife supported several different business' housed in the Abbott Building over the years. Two of the happiest events of (LC’s), Charlie’s life occurred in Sargent. Charlie’s first born daughter, Cynthia, arrived at the newly built Sargent Hospital in 1955. Daughter Jennifer arrived in 1957 at  Sargent District Hospital. John & Cindee own the Sargent District Hospital as well as the Abbott building.  Jean and Charlie  Harden shared the same birth date of February 6. Their  daughter and husband, Cindee and John Haddix purchased the February 6th  birthday cards from the pharmacy in the Abbott.  On the maternal side, 3 generations  shopped at Abbott. John Thomas Garner bought items from the Abbott Brothers. The Emory and Lucille Garner family shopped at the Abbott building as well as their children.  It is comforting to know we own a building many of our ancestors visited repeatedly.  We would love to give them a tour of this building and hear their stories about old time Sargent.. The Abbott, Garner, Harden and Haddix families have many happy Sargent-based family memories.

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